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Perpetual Motion: From Repression to Revolution

As far as science of energy, thermodynamics and power engineering is concerned; it is instructive for the physicist to think of the last hundred years as a mad and crazy development in science from which they need to wake up from.  The so called progress has caused tremendous losses to humankind. Absolutely nothing about the official history of the science and perpetual motion is true. Every single article and textbook that has been written on the impossibility of perpetual motion is propaganda. Alternative histories need to be written. The portrayal of the perpetual motionist in the EEC series of books is real as well as symbolic. A “perpetual motionist” is in every one of us always fighting against the tradition, prejudice and falsehood for the sake of truth. Perpetual motion has been suppressed through an organized campaign of ridicule from mainstream physicists for centuries. It is most unfortunate that the talents, potentialities, and aspirations of perpetual motionists have been suppressed by science that was created to be the beacon of openmindedness, honest and impartial enquiry, truth and enlightenment.

 Jonathan Eisen says: “We all want acceptance, and to limit that cognitive dissonance between us and the people that matter and the system that really matters. But somewhere is that place where we know that all this is wrong, that it doesn't really have to be like this, doesn't really have to continue like this until we are all dead on a dead planet. Somewhere we know that within the human spirit is a place of creativity so powerful and so encompassing, that given half a chance we can change this course, change this moment and change history.”[i]

On account of ridicule associated with perpetual motion, it is difficult to evaluate importance of works of Orffyreus in the scale of world history. It is certainly difficult for  any historians who is ignorant of truth of perpetual motion to assign any important place to him. However, the passing of the years and the many stupendous and unexpected developments  in free energy which have occurred in past recent decades  then suggest that in centuries to come he will be remembered as one of the main moulders of the modern world. Orffyreus’ remembrance thus becomes much more relevant in this modern era of Science and Technology. Everyone, who becomes a part of an effort to understand the truth of perpetual motion and free energy, is bound to get enriched, empowered and enlightened. There is a Himalayan mountain of proof that can be seen far off in the distance from the dry and prejudiced fields of mainstream historian’s understanding which clearly shows how Issac Newton  in collaboration with a select group of professors and allies suppressed scientific and technological discoveries of Orffyreus and Hatzfeld in the field of perpetual motion. Deva Ramananda has explained the significance of Orffyreus’ contributions to science and technology and why his work was suppressed by the abominable Newton and historians. The creative genius of Orffyreus produced amazing fruits. His gravity wheel achievements were revolutionary in the greatest sense of the word as it had power to transform science and technology. In his works on Orffyreus and the implications of his gravity wheel, Deva Ramananda expressed a worldview that is revolutionary, enlightened, and transformative. Suffice to say, Orffyreus opened the door to an incredible future for humanity, and the Newton, his allies and financial criminals who worked at Royal Society to buy his wheel closed it shut. I used to think Orffyreus’ death was too mysterious to penetrate and understand. But it makes sense that his enemies killed him because he was serious threat to established works of scientists, the way Orffyreus himself was determined to bring the truth of perpetual motion.  In order to establish the single law of perpetual motion,  Orffyreus   challenged the putative established laws of science,  especially,  the Newton’s  three laws of motion in a very real way, not just through theory  and words, but with action. . As a bright, young, and charismatic inventor, Orffyreus might have occupied a great place in the history of technology.  With timely support to Orffyreus, if his most revolutionary gravity wheel were actualized on a grand and worldwide scale then the course of human development and human history would’ve undergone a dramatic change for the better.

Why Orffyreus is still missing in history or text books? He has been written out of our history books. He is a historical pariah, he told the truth, and blew the whistle on the scientists. If you look into his works that he created, and what he left, you’ll see the reason why he was such a potential threat to the Newton and mainstream scientific establishment. He still lives in the heart of truthful man, his gravity wheel is still a threat to science and energy capitalists. Repression is an attempt to stifle dissent. The general public hardly knows about the repressive policies of science, corporate and government which forms a nexus to safeguard their interests. The reality of what Orffyreus actually discovered seems to be becoming more widespread by research findings of J. Collins, Dr. R.K. Menaria and Master Deva Ramananda and now it is sparking protests among free energy enthusiasts. Here’s something this author almost guarantee: If there is something to Orffyreus’ invention, it will eventually be realized. Orffyreus is and continues to be a hero for our community. On the basis of the solid evidence and his works on perpetual motion, there is a great  cause to initiate a campaign against the physicists who rejects perpetual motion and glorify law of conservation of energy, we need to stop them  propagate false doctrines  to spoil the minds of students of younger generations. 

Later or sooner scientists have to come to realize that there is no fundamental law of energy except that consciousness can create energy and matter, out of nothing. Being self existent and super intelligent, the Universal Energy can fashion universe out of nothing. Our individual consciousness is part of it. Mind or brain, its thought process is, in fact, an energy creating process. Human gadgets are energy multipliers. This “fundamental law”, discovered and expressed in a limited context by Herr Dühring, reads as follows:

Law No. 1. “The productivity of the economic instruments, natural resources and human energy is increased by inventions and discoveries”[ii]

Energy is in constant state of creation. We need to lay deeper foundations of science.

Bhagwat Gita says : Though Universal Energy  is involved, it is not used.

Herr Eugen Dühring states:

“Whereas only ten years ago the great basic law of motion, then recently discovered, was as yet conceived merely as a law of the conservation of energy, as the mere expression of the indestructibility and uncreatability of motion, that is, merely in its quantitative aspect, this narrow negative conception is being more and more supplanted by the positive idea of the transformation of energy, in which for the first time the qualitative content of the process comes into its own, and the last vestige of an extramundane creator is obliterated. That the quantity of motion (so-called energy) remains unaltered when it is transformed from kinetic energy (so-called mechanical force) into electricity, heat, potential energy, etc., and vice versa, no longer needs to be preached as something new; it serves as the already secured basis for the now much more pregnant investigation into the very process of transformation, the great basic process, knowledge of which comprises all knowledge of nature.”[iii] 

Repression is an attempt to stifle dissent. The general public hardly knows about the repressive policies of science corporate and government which forms a nexus to safeguard their interests.

The physics which rejects perpetual motion is the bundle of the lies. There are many things about mainstream physics that irritates me, not the least of which is the physicist’s ignorance of perpetual motion. In this volume, I will argue that the physicists’ understanding of motion and perpetual motion is fundamentally flawed, on a par with the flat earth hypothesis. I believe that having a correct foundational model of perpetual motion    will not only unleash an age of free energy but also revolutionize entire science and technology.   One thing most of us know, is that you can tell more about the character of a physicists, not by what others say of them, but by what they say about the perpetual motionist.  Perpetual motionist has been called “pseudo-scientist,” “muddy headed,” “know-nothing,” “flat-earther,” “charlatan,” “cranky,” “crackpot” “nut”, “screwball” and yet with so many degrading terms. Physicists have failed to understand the psychology of perpetual motion. More often than not, when physicists reject noble art of perpetual motion and digress to the level of insults, it is because they are not capable of supporting any real argument or point. The fear of perpetual motionist in their mind is actually worse than the perpetual motion itself. Perpetual motionist has a simple and intuitive explanation for the working of the universe; on the other hand, physicists are failed perpetual motionists.  Since they failed to build a real perpetual motion, they have made basically every advance through the use of models and mathematics. Indeed, assumptions, opinions and models are fairly useless things if they don't lead to a model of reality that in fact corresponds to reality. However, every physicist believes that each model is quite holy to get allegiance of respective adherents.  They have great skills to teach us something, both from their sacrosanct models that work and equally as much from the models that don't work. And the point of these models is that by turning a simple phenomenon into a complex one, they claim to understand a phenomenon in a simplified manner to understand more complex interactions in the actual physical world. At the same time, the show, the fad and fashion must go on; so they leave lot of scope for the next generation to create new models.   They believe in creating a new paradigm because all of them believe that previous models were approximations only, hence, in this manner, they develop science, and keep busy the Nobel foundation,   to receive Nobel Prize for their lies.

Physicists must cease to believe that they have inscribed laws of science on granite. The point here is that the current laws of physics are not the last word on the description of the universe. Without a doubt, science rests on the hollow foundations of law of conservation of energy; certainly, one must never underestimate the capacity of physicists to save the sacrosanct law by manipulating the results as they want using mathematics. A number of inconsistencies at extremely large and extremely small scales exist, all of which need to be actively investigated. Like a spider, physicist is always under danger of being caught in its complex structure of web of science built of weird theories, ephemeral laws and sacrosanct equations.  Entire physics needs to be revised in the light of truth of perpetual motion.  The only way to figure out which is the correct theory   is to revise the experiments which physicists have never done seriously or correctly and see which one is most reflective of the reality.

The reasons why physicist could not invent a perpetual motion are many.  Physicists think they understood motion but they actually fought with each other for centuries and understood nothing or understood everything very poorly. Aristotle thought perpetual motion belonged to God. Aristotle’s thinking was poor as he believed in two worlds, first, heavens where perpetual motion go forever but second, the world where a thing once started comes to a halt. Another error he made, he believed you cannot create something out of nothing. Galileo failed to conceive that a pendulum bob can rise higher from the point of its descent. Pendulum bob can rise higher and higher by its own weight. The secret lies in elliptical path, spiral path. This is why planets orbit in an elliptical path. When you are moving on path of an ellipse, in fact, you are going away from the centre to draw more energy of the “Infinite”, and create unlimited energy while moving close to the centre, thus, to create the “impulse” which continues to create energy out of nothing. A very beautiful result by Emmy Noether (Noether's theorem) states that for every symmetry in the laws of nature their must be a corresponding “conserved” quantity. Therefore, asymmetry is the cause of “creation”. The universe is asymmetric. Therefore, it must demonstrate natural phenomena of “energy creation” contrary to conservation. It does so.  In fact, entire existence is case of “energy creation”.  Thus, reversing Noether’s theorem leads to principle of creation of energy.

Perpetual motion, if successfully constructed like that of Orffyreus, is the most crucial experiment on the nature of energy, to understand “how” and “why “ of the nature and behavior of energy. Physics is not about the ‘why’ of things but the ‘how’. Perpetual motion is about the both: ‘why’ and ‘how’ of things. Perpetual motion is not merely about laws of energy in physics but also a right method to actually create energy out of nothing. None of the laws of physics governs the perpetual motion. Gravity Perpetual motion is like a singularity or black hole where laws of physics cease to apply. We fully agree with the fact that the mathematics behind Relativity works very well in text books but does not represent the true mechanism of gravity. Gravity arises out of ‘ordering’ of space not by “distortion” of space caused by mass. Some properties of the universe are self evident for those enlightened and open minded enough to look. Motion can create more motion, life begets life, and these are but simple statements, no mystery in them. Perpetual motion is a correct working model of motion. In fact, it demonstrates the reality of motion and energy in the most convincing manner. It throws great light on the problem of the design and designer, mind and body. Perpetual motion is intrinsically capable of explaining the holistic aspects of universe, including matter, mind and consciousness.

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Transcribed:, August 1996
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Transcribed:, August 1996

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Orffyreus (1680 – 1745 ) : Inventor of Perpetual Motion Machine

Orffyreus was a man of wide-ranging abilities and interests and, at one stage in his career; he earned his living as physician. He was also considered as a great mechanical engineer. He worked for Count Karl, Landgrave of Hesse Cassel as councilor and general engineer.

The word perpetual motion and Councilor Orffyreus are inseparable. He was an eager student of the 'Hidden Mysteries of Nature and Science.' Guided by his intuitive feeling for perpetual motion, habit of using his intelligence to the utmost, a deepened command sense, reliance first and then on the observation and experiments, this remarkable man conceived, invented, and demonstrated a number of perpetual motion machines to renowned man of science at many towns in Germany. His last and the largest machine was demonstrated at the castle of the Weissenstein in 1717. Board of examiners was convinced that his machine was a true form of perpetual motion. Unfortunately for many reasons, his claim as an inventor of perpetual motion machine has been put aside and thrown to the dust bins of history along with all other hoaxes frauds, mysteries and fakers whose lives occupy the achieves of many a dusty shelf in the museums through out the world. History has wrongly convicted a genuine inventor and an innocent man. All of the evidence about his machine faithfully recorded in his time support the conclusion that Orffyreus was a genuine inventor who solved the riddle of the perpetual motion machine about 300 years ago, but his personal character has intensified the doubts, his contemporaries did not realize the full importance and value of the invention. “Orffyreus’ work on his perpetual motion machine could have considerably extended our horizons in physics - and in technology too. But at this particular crossroads, mankind took a wrong turn..” says George Egely, the author of the book “Forbidden Invention” .

Perpetual motion is like a beautiful woman. No matter cautious and careful she may remain most of the time, but she is likely to get into the trouble at any time for no fault of her own only because she is beautiful. Wicked and malicious man would try to possess her using all illegal means. Similarly, perpetual motion is type of invention which itself is source of trouble for its inventor, as it would cause envy, antagonism, and hostility among the people. Perpetual motion machine is likely to mushroom hundreds of opponents who would like to possess secret of its working mechanism by hook or crook.